The choice of tender

The choice of tender

The choice of tender is important. Your tender must be able to meet your needs and those of your guests. It is a service vessel not only to carry persons and supplies but can also be a leisure craft.
There is not a tender for everyone; boats, like ship-owners, are not all the same but there is an Aermarine tender for everyone.
We recommend you to assess all the aspects carefully – the dimensions, weight, practicality, people-carrying capacity, comfort, performance and ease of operation, haulage and launching, the appearance and the colour scheme. Assess all the options and choose accordingly.

Your Aermarine

Simply consult the website or catalogue to see how a basic model can be produced in various lengths and widths. For the fiberglass models this takes place within certain limits depending on the moulds used. With the aluminium models there are no limits because they are not produced with moulds. Is the outboard bulky in height or length? Does the console interfere with the garage or the gangway? Thanks to our unique and patented solutions or other measures we are able to address such difficulties.
Do not hesitate to send us your requests and the constraints imposed by the dimensions of your yacht. With our extreme flexibility each product can be developed and built according to your requirements.
The result will be an exclusive personalised or customised tender and it will be the perfect complement for your craft

The difference is in the details

All the components made from rubber or plastic, in addition to the aluminium alloy or fiberglass hulls, are produced in northern Italy by qualified suppliers.
The fabrics used for the pipes are manufactured by European companies, leaders in their field, located in Germany and France.
Each component, handle or detail is carefully designed to guarantee comfort and maximum safety.

Customer care

Volete un tender pronto a navigare?
Lo forniremo con motore installato a regola d'arte, con impianti a norma, dovrete mettere solo il carburante e ruotare la chiave.
Se lo desiderate la consegna del tender può essere effettuata da parte di un nostro tecnico, il quale è in grado di trasmettere a voi o al vostro comandante informazioni, consigli ed elementi di sicurezza!



Ral 7040
Ral 7035


Ral 7035 + Blue

Teak + White

White + Ral 7040

Ral 7035

Ral 7040
Your tender can be customised to provide you with an exclusive product and to be the perfect complement for your yacht. Below are some examples of colour of fabric, fender and other details including the type of holds and the choice of walkable surfaces. It is also possible to order the cushions in a variety of colours and materials. Otherwise the standard colour of the fabric and fiberglass hull is white. Other standard details:
  • The Cabrio line: light grey 7035 fender with blue line, handrail with blue ropes
  • The Espace line: medium grey 7040 fender, handrail with white ropes
  • The Alusmart line: medium grey 7040 fender, handrail with grey straps 7040
  • The Cabrio ch line: grey 7040 fender, stainless steel handrail

Other elements