The range

Aermarine offers you the possibility to choose, with dimensions being equal, between three distinct lines of tender, all with patented fold-down transom but with different features and advantages:
  • CABRIO line
At the top of the range we find the CABRIO CH line with automatic electro-hydraulic fold-down transom and with remote control.
The Aermarine range is completed by individual models such as the 320 Evolution (fixed transom) and a number of special products.
The tenders are made using 1100 dTex fabric covered with special plastomer compounds or with ORCA CSM fabric.

cabrio Line

The RIGID HULL fiberglass models, characterised by sharp prow, are both practical and lightweight; they are motorised with outboard motors of varying power and as a result of careful sizing they can be positioned in all types of garages and on a transom beach.
Each has a small fore peak. The open versions can be completed with optional cushions.
The kart models are produced with particularly low steering console.

cabrio espace Line

These RIGID HULL fiberglass models with particularly large bow are characterised, for the same installation space, by the incredible space on board, the large peak, their stability and the person-carrying capacity.
The open versions can be completed with optional cushions The kart versions are complete and are fitted with standard fold-down console.

cabrio alusmart Line

These RIGID HULL aluminium models are characterised by their extreme lightness, comfort and high performance, even with low power supply.
The open versions can be supplied with wide fore decking or with combinations of cushioned benches. The Kart versions have standard fold-down console.
The overjet versions, only supplied with engine installed, offer exciting performance.
The alusmart models can be fullcustom manufactured and with any measurements as they are not subject to moulding constraints.

cabrio CH Line

Exclusive and patented, a large sailing tender that is then turned into an ultra compact tender.
In just 4 seconds using the remote control, it is possible to switch from the sailing to the compact storage configuration.
How to use the Cabrio ch models with remote control The sequence of use is as follows:
  • Onboard tender in compact configuration
  • Lowering of the tender into the water; the operations will be facilitated by the advanced barycentre
  • Operation of the remote control to change the configuration
  • The boarding of passengers
  • Use of the tender in sailing configuration
  • The alighting of passengers
  • Restoration, via remote control, of the compact configuration
  • Recovery of the tender, operation facilitated by the advanced barycentre